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The secret to the outstanding properties of Pebax® polymers comes from what chemists and materials scientists refer to as "block copolymer technology". Simply put, this enables the polymer designer to use two different blocks (polyether and polyamide) and play on their respective ratios to create a durable material with tailored high flexibility, elasticity and strenght, outstanding energy return while being extremely lightweight.

LeafIcon.pngSustainability being at the core of what we do, we developed the same technology but from a bio-based and renewable feedstock: castor beans. Same performance, lower environmental footprint. For more information, check our Sustainable Pebax® Rnew® range page.


Pebax® elastomers are world leading high tech polymers designed for extremely high performance sports wear. They are specified by many of the world's leading brands and relied upon by world record setting athletes. Many publications have referred to this technology as "technological doping" the new "arms race" of high performance sports. Some even describe our polymers as "an unfair advantage".

Pebax Powered® shoes frequently take gold, silver and bronze and drive new innovations in the industry.

Take advantage of performance enhancing technology! Ensure that you are giving yourself every advantage in achieving your goals.




Compared to other materials on the market like EVA or TPU, a special characteristic of Pebax® polymers is what is referred to as a "low energy loss" as seen in this hysteresis curve. This essentially means that when the polymer is stretched, it is highly efficient at storing and then returning that same energy when the stress is relaxed, for an explosive feeling at your feet !

Pebax® polymers can be used in many different forms, allowing multiple uses (injected components, foams, carbon-infused plates, membranes) providing a wide range of solutions for many sports !


The Wiley Online Library of Polymer Science says "All available data suggest overwhelmingly that properties of block copolymers are superior to those of random copolymers. A block copolymer can have properties characteristic of each of the homopolymers from which it is derived as well as a set of properties due to the polymer structure as a whole. Block copolymers have an advantage over random copolymers in that a crystalline polymer can be modified without significant reduction of its melting point, modulus, tensile strength, and elastic properties, and by suitable selection of a second component it affords a means of 'building in' a particular property."


Main benefits of Pebax® materials include : ultra lightness, superior energy return, shock resistance, extreme elasticity and behavior at cold temperatures.



Energy Return


Toughness & Flexibility


Shock Resistance


Enduring Elasticity



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