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Philippe Moreau

Philippe Moreau is a 59-year-old Xtrem Runner who ran in some of the most difficult and demanding areas on the globe. From the North Pole and the Antartic, braving down to -40°C temperatures to the Death Valley or Egyptian desert, braving up a dry and hot atmosphere, he’s the man always up for challenges !

In 2018, he attempted to break the world record for the crossing of Australia from East (Sydney) to West (Perth), 3,793 km by foot. Hi did not manage the beat the current record but finished with an impressive and outstanding time of 42 days; 8 hours and 30 minutes !

Philippe has a lot of history in running for good causes, and in 2021, he decided to start a new adventure: running 42 marathons in 42 days for the Planet !

This initiative aims at putting the spotlight on companies in France taking action in favor of the environment, bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to the market. Each marathon will be the opportunity to visit one of solution provider. It will end in October 2021 with Philippe honoring the Pebax Powered® team by running to our R&D center in Normandy, France ! 

We’re really proud that our Advanced Bio-Circular Pebax® Rnew® materials can drive sustainable design in the sports industry..

Next year, to celebrate his 60th birthday, Philippe is already building the part 2 of the Run for the Planet Initiative. And what better than 60 marathons to celebrate this milestone ? Stay tuned for more info !


2022 – Run for the Planet Part 2