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Myriam Guillot-Boisset

Myriam "Mimi" is a French professional athlete who is passionate about health and ecology. She became ultra-aware that her health depends on her diet and gradually became vegetarian, then vegan, and finally raw fruto-vegetarian.  She also spends a lot of her energy on charitable work planting trees around the world.

Twice SPARTAN World Champion (2011 and 2013);  #1 in the Spartan Elite World Ranking (2018), three times #1 in international multisport races (2018), Myriam has incredible energy and is truly inspiring people through her way of life and sporting achievements. 

I love running naturally and in a minimalist way. Pebax Powered® program gives me that feeling of lightness and dynamism in my strides. What gives me great pleasure is the whole ethics and history of Pebax Powered® equipment with respect for nature and humans, especially with Pebax® Rnew® which is made from the oil of the castor bean grown in the Gujarat region of India.


2020 - Spartan Trail World Championship (Sweden)- 5th on the podium

2019 - Spartan Worldchampionship in Tahoe - 3rd 

2019 -  Trifecta Spartan World Championship Greece - 5th on the podium

2019 - Spartan European Championship, France - 1st


12/12/2020 - Spartan European championship