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Ido Simyoni

Ido is an amazing runner based in New-York City. Born in Israel, he moved to the Big Apple to pursue his dreams.

Ido has never been afraid of new challenges. He started running in April 2018, sharing his incredible journey and progress on social media. Very quickly, he signed up for multiple running events (e.g. marathon, half-marathon) all over the world.  We actually found Ido because he won our contest to participate in the Honolulu Marathon in 2018! 

His positive mindset and determination to achieve more has truly inspired us to keep on following his journey as a runner! We are very proud to support Ido via our Pebax Powered® ambassador program.


2020 - Tel Aviv Marathon - 03:09:42

2019 - Staten-Island Half Marathon - 1:27:39


April 2021 - Las Vegas Marathon