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Axel Hubert

Axel Hubert is one of the top Decathlon athletes from France. Competing since he was five years old, Axel went on to win the French Decathlon Championship in September 2020 with a final score of 8,260 points

Since I am using shoes made with Pebax® technology, my muscle fatigue was reduced during and after the effort, I have a greater range of stride, my pace has increased ...

Latest Highlights

2020 - French Decathlon Champion (8 260 pts)

2019 - NCAA team champion Texas Tech University Champion BIG12 Indoor (5746 pts) and Outdoor (7810 pts)

2019 - 6th of the European Cup in Ukraine (7746 pts)

2019 - 3rd in the France's Elite Decathlon

2018 - Vice-champion of France Elite Decathlon (7683 pts) and Winner of the international hope match (7638 pts)

2017 - Qualification for the European Championships in Poland (7483 pts)

2017 - French decathlon champion (7526 pts)

2017 - Vice-champion of France University decathlon (7059 pts)

2015 - Vice-champion of France in decathlon (7029 pts)

2014 - Finalist at the French indoor combined championships.

2013 - Vice-champion of France javelin and Junior Normandy javelin recordman (record 64.48m) 

Upcoming Events

2021 - December 18th-19th - IAAF - Decathlon JO 2021 qualification