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Alexis Hanquinquant

Alexis Hanquinquant is a World & Olympic Champion ParaTriathlon athlete from France.

Alexis had a work accident in 2010, and after several surgeries his leg could not be saved so he underwent a straight transtibial amputation in September 2013.

“A decision I don’t regret at all. This accident was the beginning of a new life. What I experienced then changed me as a man. Today, as a person I am super fulfilled in body and mind”

After his accident, Alexis challenged himself to become a real champion.

We can confidently say that Alexis achieved this goal as he won the Gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 OlympicsEuropean Championship and World Championship in the PTS4 category in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. 

“There’s no boundary between triathlon and para triathlon. I feel I’m a fully-fledged triathlete. I don't really have a disability, I have a difference.”

What’s your training routine ?

“I train 30 hours a week. This often means two disciplines per day, swimming/cycling or swimming/running. Sometimes I even do all three! In all, it’s about 25 km swimming in the Ile Lacroix pool in Rouen, 400 km cycling, and a little over 50 km running per week if you want to reach this level”

Your biggest challenge in triathlon ?

“Triathlon is three disciplines: swimming followed by cycling followed by running. The fourth “sport” in triathlon is what we call the transitions, in other words the instants when you move from one discipline to another. You have to be as fast as possible.

My aim is for optimum performance, so I’ve also been one of the first people to innovate in these transition points by pedalling with the blade, whereas other athletes wear a specific prosthesis for cycling and another for running. My prosthetist and I designed a pedal with a carbon shell that the blade can clip on to directly, and this saves me a few seconds. So I put it on as soon as I come out of the water as I don’t use any prosthesis for the swimming event, and then I keep it on to the end.”

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2021 – #1 World Triathlon Championships Abu Dhabi

2021Gold Medal Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Paratriathlon

2021 – #1 Europe Triathlon Championships Valencia

2021 – #1 FRA Paratriathlon National Championships

2020 – #1 Alhandra ITU Paratriathlon World Cup

2019 – #1 Valencia ETU Paratriathlon European Championships

2019 – #1 Winner  ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Lausanne


2019 – 2nd at Tokyo ITU Paratriathlon World Cup

2019 – Winner Groupe Copley World Paratriathlon Series Montreal

2019 – Winner Yokohama ITU World Paratriathlon Series

2019 – Winner Milan ITU World Paratriathlon Series

2018 – Winner ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Gold Coast

2018 – Winner FRA Paratriathlon National Championships

2018 – Winner Lausanne ITU Paratriathlon World Cup